Virginia Tea Party Patriots Founder Rick Buchanan Endorses Mary Jones

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Virginia Tea Party Patriots Founder Rick Buchanan Endorses Mary Jones

Williamsburg, VA – Mary Jones, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District received the endorsement of Rick Buchanan, Chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation, Vice Chair of the Fifth District Republican Congressional Committee, and prominent conservative Tea Party leader in Virginia.

Buchanan said, “As you may know, our current 2nd Congressional District Representative has spent his time at a Globalist rally in New York and his first piece of legislation was to create special housing privileges for the LBGT community which only divides us as Americans. Even more troubling, he takes every opportunity speaking to any news source willing to air him trashing President Trump to the nation, HERE, and HERE, HERE.  Awful!”

He further explained, “As Republicans shouldn’t we be working with President Trump? Shouldn’t we expect the people elected to assist our President in keeping his campaign promises? Mary Jones supports our President and will work to aide with his “Pro-America” agenda. Helping President Trump with positive legislation and private discussions is what Republicans should be doing not trashing him and failing to keep campaign promises.”

“This is why Mary Jones has my full endorsement to be the next Representative for the 2nd Congressional District in Hampton Roads Virginia,” stated Buchanan.

In response, Mary Jones said, “I am honored to receive Rick’s endorsement. I went to the Tea Party Federation Summit last month and was impressed that the Tea Party is alive and well in Virginia thanks to Rick’s efforts. My campaign is an extension of the Tea Party movement that started years ago, and I couldn’t win without them. This is a great momentum builder for us.”

Mary Jones is the former Chairman of the Board of Supervisors in James City County and is currently running as a Republican for Congress in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.


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