Build The Wall

President Trump is fighting to fund and build the border wall to protect our country. Mary will work with the President to fund the border wall by any means necessary.

Business and Jobs Growth

Currently, Virginia is lagging behind 38 states in business and jobs growth according to the US News and World Report GDP ratings.

Mary knows first-hand (from her experience in the James City County Board of Supervisors) that when government reduces taxes and the size of government, it provides a business-friendly climate that promotes growth and increases the need for businesses to hire additional employees. Virginia’s anemic economy desperately needs to be in a position to compete with neighboring states like North Carolina, again.  Mary will work diligently to remove Washington DC’s burdensome regulations, tariffs and tax rates to ensure that the United States becomes the nation of choice for International companies to set up their factories, service centers and headquarters again.  She will also be a solid ally of the Trump administration’s America First Policies to remove, withdraw or renegotiate NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and WTO ensuring that the USA no longer subsidizes the economic success of foreign countries.


Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration threatens Virginia’s and America’s security, jobs, drains local, state and federal resources and tax dollars.

As U.S. Congressional Representative, Mary will oppose any form of illegal immigration and amnesty. Mary will support and fight along with the Trump Administration to ensure that our immigration and deportation laws are enforced.  


Repeal Obamacare

In spite of the fact that Congress is controlled by the GOP, they have fallen short and have not yet begun the process of repealing The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Obamacare is a failure in many areas, including the rights of citizens to choose their own doctors, the promise of lower healthcare premiums, lower deductibles, and has caused many insurance companies to opt out of the Healthcare Marketplace, causing many Americans to lose their insurance.  Mary believes that tax-free Health Savings Accounts are a crucial part of Americans’ health care, and she will fight hard to expand these essential accounts.  Mary will also fight to bring more competition into the healthcare industry, and allow the purchase of insurance across state lines. Americans need more affordable options, to ensure that they are able to purchase the insurance that they need.


Tax Relief  

When Mary served on the James City County Board of supervisors, she was able to keep her campaign promises of decreasing taxes and practicing fiscal stewardship. While other counties in the nation were raising taxes due to declining revenues, Mary’s fiscally responsible approach and practices rewarded James City County with a AAA bond rating.  Mary knows that low taxes are essential to economic health and will work diligently to remove onerous tax burdens on American Citizens and businesses.


Protect Our Second Amendment Rights

All across America, our constitutional right to keep and bear arms is being scrutinized. Our Second Amendment rights should never be compromised or infringed for any reason.   Mary is committed to defend Americans’ Second Amendment rights and will work to remove any unconstitutional restrictions  that could infringe upon our Second Amendment rights.


National Concealed Carry Reciprocity

The right to self-defense is a right that all Virginians need to have the ability to exercise.  Legislation that enacts National Concealed Carry reciprocity, would afford Americans the ability to conceal carry across state lines, and provide additional protection to the individuals of this great country.  It would also help to keep the Second Amendment, of the Constitution, from coming under attack by the media, liberals, and the federal government, itself.


Protecting Life

Mary firmly believes that every life is precious and needs to be protected from the moment of conception and will work to defund Planned Parenthood.  Mary will fight to defend the right to life of the unborn.

Supporting Our Veterans

Virginia is a state that has one of the highest populations of Veterans, within the U.S.  Given the sacrifices that these brave people have made for our country, providing them quality care will be Mary’s top priority.

The Veterans Administration should ensure that Virginia welcomes our veterans, following their service. Mary will fight to give all veterans the life that they deserve.  



Every parent deserves the right to provide the education that they feel is best, for their children.  Mary will work to provide parents with the choices necessary, for parents to make these important choices, including school vouchers, to create competition to provide schools the means to create the best learning environment, for all children.  Mary believes that control of education should be given back to Virginia, and taken out of the hands of big federal government, and its bureaucracy.


Public Safety

The primary function of government has been and should always be to provide Public Safety.  There are too many politicians who do not give law enforcement the backing that it deserves.  Mary will work to provide the resources necessary for our law enforcement officials to perform their job, and give them the respect and wages that they have earned with their hard work and dedication to keeping us safe.



Mary believes that America should be able to develop its own natural resources, such as nuclear, solar, wind, and fossil fuels, to allow it to move away from relying on foreign oil. Virginia is a state that is fortunate to have these resources which will improve its economy and increase job growth, as well.

Protecting our History

Having lived in historical James City County for over 20 years, Mary truly understands the great value of  our national treasure of historical sites and monuments. Mary will work diligently to protect them. Here is a quote from Mary related to her position on national historical preservation:

“I will defend our monuments and our history against the historical revisionists and unhinged leftists whose ultimate goal is to undermine the Republic.” ~ Mary Jones