Help Mary Jones Get On the Ballot

Dear Supporter,
Thank you for supporting my campaign.
We need to get 1,500 signatures from registered voters from the 2nd Congressional District by March 1, 2018, so they can be turned in by March 12.
I have attached a form that must be printed out front and back (meaning they can’t be 2 separate pieces of paper).
Once you print it out, you have to get each of the rows completed as per the below example. Everyone signing this form must be a registered voter in the 2nd Congressional District.
In order to get the most signatures, you can go to Republican meetings, gun shows, tea party meetings, sports events, car shows, boat shows, or anywhere else there are large gatherings of people at one time.
You can also collect signatures outside of grocery stores and other businesses where people frequent. Sometimes you have to obtain permission from the store manager.
Once the sheet is full, please get the bottom of the form notarized and add your driver’s license number, the state your driver’s license was issued, and the last four of your social.
Although we encourage everyone to try to get 12 signatures filling in the entire form, you can still complete a partial form, as long as each line is completed.
Also, please note that you cannot sign your name on a petition form that you are circulating.
The partial form still needs to be notarized and sent in. You can get the form notarized at the bank or your local courthouse.

Mail notarized forms to:
Mary Jones for Congress, Inc.
P.O. Box 961
Williamsburg, VA 23187


For any questions about petition gathering efforts, email our team at and we will get back to you promptly. Please send the signature form back as soon as you fill the sheet.
Thank you for all of your help!
For the Republic,

Mary Jones
Candidate for Congress
P.S. You can download the petition instruction email here. You can also download the petition form here.

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