About Mary Jones

Mary Jones is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but has lived in James City County, Virginia for the past 20 years.  This is where she and her husband, Arch raised their son in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District.

Mary was first elected to the James City County Board as the Berkeley District Representative in 2007 then re-elected in November of 2011. She was the Vice Chair of that Board in 2009 and 2010, then became Chairman in 2011-2014. Mary’s conservative voting record speaks for itself. During the recession, Mary voted against tax increases while other localities raised taxes. She was able to reduce the size of government through attrition so employees didn’t lose their jobs.

Her ability to bring the business community and the blue collar works together was most effective serving on Economic Development Authority in 2010 and the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee 2009. She also served on a multitude of committees as Vice Chair that substantiate her voting record and provided the pragmatic experience needed to represent the 2nd Congressional Districts essential needs. Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Hampton Roads Military and Federal Facilities Alliance, Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization, Hampton Roads Transportation Accountability Commission, Local Emergency Preparedness, Chairman Regional Issues Committee, Community Action Agency, James City County Service Authority Board of Directors, and School Board Liaison Committee 2007-2010 just to name a few.

This is the complete opposite of our current representative. His scores on Freedom Works and Conservative Review will elaborate on his “not so” free market votes. Those scorecards will provide you with details of how our Congressional representatives should be voting even before the bills hit the floor.

If you take the time to actually review Scott Taylor’s voting record it’s plain to see he is weak on our Military,  Foreign Policy & Defense, immigration and continue to fund Planned Parenthood Budget, Spending, & Debt which directly effects our military, and our 2nd Amendment by joining Democrat Senator Tim Kaine for more gun control. You can get more information on Scott Taylors voting record at the official government website.

What is also blatantly obvious is what Scott Taylor really supports that does nothing to represent any conservative principles and values. He has spent his time at a Globalist rally in New York and his first piece of legislation was to create special housing privileges for the LBGT community which only divides us as Americans. Then only to take time speaking to any news source willing to have him trash President Trump to the nation, HERE, and HEREHERE.

As Republicans shouldn’t we be working with President Trump? Shouldn’t we expect the people elected to keep their campaign promises? Donald J. Trump is our President there is no changing that whether you support him or not. Mary Jones supports our President and wants to aide with his “Pro-America” agenda. Helping President Trump with positive legislation and private discussions is what Republicans should be doing not trashing him and failing to keep campaign promises.

To learn more about Mary Jones,  check out her  Facebook Page or either of these articles The Virginian Pilot and Politics ElectionsShe has posted her position on many issues that plague us today. Her impeccable qualifications make her the best candidate to represent not only the 2nd district but all of Virginia. Every aspect of Virginia is crucial especially with the largest military base in the world right here in Virginia Beach.

You can sign up to get campaign updates and if you’re inclined to help in this noble cause,  contributions are very much appreciated and needed

Let’s turn Virginia a true Red again. Virginia has was known for being a Red state in the past, but with the lack of real leadership, our state has lost the faith of its conservative base. Mary Jones shines a new light of hope that once again Virginia can and will be the first in our nation to carry our conservative message.